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7229f823977a2233a0f8b304b4daa45c8970d235 7229f823977a2233a0f8b304b4daa45c8970d235
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Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> 7229f823977a2233a0f8b304b4daa45c8970d235 7229f823977a2233a0f8b304b4daa45c8970d235 VERSION bump to version 1.0.54
Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> 6c0e196d3c32bd305163bac49fbee8a50b85eac8 6c0e196d3c32bd305163bac49fbee8a50b85eac8 SOVERSION bump to version 1.1.48
Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> 8d5678eb3805edf81862119fb5a7907f9bc162f5 8d5678eb3805edf81862119fb5a7907f9bc162f5 parsers BUGFIX updating hash of keyless lists
do not update keyless list's hash (and do not add it into the parent's
hash table) on its child node change if the keyless lis t 's hash is 0,
i.e. it is being parsed and hash will be set later when all the children
are parsed.

Fixes #867
Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> 83fbe2fcbf95604e9820b3bde6fab8d99b754372 83fbe2fcbf95604e9820b3bde6fab8d99b754372 Revert "JSON parser BUGFIX maintaining hash tables with record of keyless list"
This reverts commit 4a9645fa4423195d531061528dcf648677545986.

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