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Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> aeb1bdecbff99880fa9b058934dd49d210135de9 aeb1bdecbff99880fa9b058934dd49d210135de9 Merge pull request #891 from opensourcerouting/api_tracing
Introduce API tracing for debug logging
GalaxyGorilla <> GalaxyGorilla <> c77774236ac5207ead34ec58c821fa872ef46424 m c77774236ac5207ead34ec58c821fa872ef46424 Introduce API tracing for debug logging
The logs implemented so far simply show function entries to
support debugging and discovery of API usage patterns.

The relevant bit flag is LY_LDGAPI (0x20) and usage is similar to
the existing debugging flags:


Related logs show a "API: " prefix.

So far every function with the 'API' macro is traced with the
exception of logging and printing related API functions.

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