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Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> 2155311f79f32ea427c05f6a9a2a01aa48875158 2155311f79f32ea427c05f6a9a2a01aa48875158 VERSION bump to version 1.0.71
Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> 9bcf5cb812e209fb1b1b5108a1c6acaf9fb7ec45 9bcf5cb812e209fb1b1b5108a1c6acaf9fb7ec45 SOVERSION bump to version 1.2.0
Due to API change (addition) in c77774236.
Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> 63495df3e1db3aa236244b7f340de1cbed7ba9e5 63495df3e1db3aa236244b7f340de1cbed7ba9e5 schema parsers BUGFIX creating implicit cases when augmenting choice
In the case of an implicit case (data node in the choice is specified
without the case statement), libyang is supposed to add the case node to
avoid problems with addressing that implicit case or anything inside it
by another augments or anything else.

This fixes the bug that the implicit case was not added for the data
nodes added to a choice by augment.

Fixes #889

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