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Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> 7f9f713a42740889b804ad25a32ae6627dca5dbf 7f9f713a42740889b804ad25a32ae6627dca5dbf VERSION bump to version 1.0.72
Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> 03aa5191da8aa699c31ca3121c8040e1372302d7 03aa5191da8aa699c31ca3121c8040e1372302d7 SOVERSION bump to version 1.2.1
Radek Krejci <> Radek Krejci <> d5545e9e10eb7e48bf3ca95cee95133fdda6acc0 d5545e9e10eb7e48bf3ca95cee95133fdda6acc0 schema parsers BUGFIX duplicating iffeature expression data
When instantiating a grouping into a uses statement, if-feature
expression of the instatiated data nodes are duplicated. There was a bug
when counting the size of the original expression data so in case of a
long expression only a part of the expression was duplicated which led
to a segfault when the duplicated expression was parsed.

Fixes #887

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