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f05fc1e3844225c2ab245170edc67f6113a7d91b f05fc1e3844225c2ab245170edc67f6113a7d91b
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Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> f05fc1e3844225c2ab245170edc67f6113a7d91b f05fc1e3844225c2ab245170edc67f6113a7d91b VERSION bump to version 1.0.89
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> e65f83954d4d1778d043fe6d16b6fcbccdd87de3 e65f83954d4d1778d043fe6d16b6fcbccdd87de3 SOVERSION bump to version 1.3.0
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> 36385cb565cac440a534d4feb890f74f94305d62 36385cb565cac440a534d4feb890f74f94305d62 c++ CHANGE new API function for iffeature value checking
Fixes #933
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> d237318d7b688a79c4c2ab542a16974e39bd2878 d237318d7b688a79c4c2ab542a16974e39bd2878 schema tree CHANGE new API function for iffeature value checking

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