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c730e5a1a7f621df13065583c06872528a17bdb3 c730e5a1a7f621df13065583c06872528a17bdb3
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#1 (Manual run by Martin Winter)
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#72 (Changes by Michal Vasko <>)
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Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> c730e5a1a7f621df13065583c06872528a17bdb3 c730e5a1a7f621df13065583c06872528a17bdb3 VERSION bump to version 0.16.107
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> 97a72d551896133610dfc25fdc8ad39b0e53e5f4 97a72d551896133610dfc25fdc8ad39b0e53e5f4 data tree BUGFIX handle LYD_OPT_DATA 0x0 flag correctly
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> b4583baf75b7c751ddd447189523442b149731bb b4583baf75b7c751ddd447189523442b149731bb VERSION bump to version 0.16.106
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> 73304a20cf9f1f5f5d1d411618cd484da0c5a38c 73304a20cf9f1f5f5d1d411618cd484da0c5a38c data tree CHANGE make parameter const

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