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3d42a7608e3f2009a17f0de0edb41633eb6f24ba 3d42a7608e3f2009a17f0de0edb41633eb6f24ba
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#1 (Manual run by Martin Winter)
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#72 (Changes by Michal Vasko <>)
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Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> 3d42a7608e3f2009a17f0de0edb41633eb6f24ba 3d42a7608e3f2009a17f0de0edb41633eb6f24ba VERSION bump to version 0.16.108
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> cfbba92fea84f0a231259c7caacfde352b702519 cfbba92fea84f0a231259c7caacfde352b702519 data tree CHANGE allow nodes without hash to be merged
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> 58c8a4c8da094da671d262fc4ec813b75d2d9c73 58c8a4c8da094da671d262fc4ec813b75d2d9c73 lyb printer CHANGE forbid printing non-top-level nodes
It would create corrupted data.
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> fb1582f89cb08794118eb3dda825e506419da8db fb1582f89cb08794118eb3dda825e506419da8db lyb parser BUGFIX skipping unknown nodes

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