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5a7b91330493a85e9e134019b793ea50c1e5cdf4 5a7b91330493a85e9e134019b793ea50c1e5cdf4

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Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> 5a7b91330493a85e9e134019b793ea50c1e5cdf4 5a7b91330493a85e9e134019b793ea50c1e5cdf4 VERSION bump to version 0.16.110
Michal Vasko <> Michal Vasko <> dc45fe71610aba2196f276eebcb26ef57f8c4bfa dc45fe71610aba2196f276eebcb26ef57f8c4bfa Merge pull request #707 from opensourcerouting/os_and_pkg_fixes
OS and PKG fixes
David Lamparter David Lamparter bd4c4ff0ea1e39b30e48de589cd9c11187e757c2 m bd4c4ff0ea1e39b30e48de589cd9c11187e757c2 lyb Fix byte order ops for Solaris
Signed-off-by: David Lamparter <>
Martin Winter Martin Winter b8934df84fa9369dd164102a7fe4778c03d33d6c m b8934df84fa9369dd164102a7fe4778c03d33d6c package: Support RPM build on RedHat 6/7 (without language bindings)
Signed-off-by: Martin Winter <>
Martin Winter Martin Winter 9b14f181d8494fbabbcfcc7de0dac967e70624cc m 9b14f181d8494fbabbcfcc7de0dac967e70624cc lyb fix endian.h location for FreeBSD
Signed-off-by: Martin Winter <>

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