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Paul Jakma <> Paul Jakma <> b29cd82299206f77a584699bcb3b7a7b36183787 b29cd82299206f77a584699bcb3b7a7b36183787 HACKING: Update governance
Paul Jakma <> Paul Jakma <> 3c06ac025adbd4611e3a290b43fea4cb512688ac 3c06ac025adbd4611e3a290b43fea4cb512688ac build/HACKING: add check for pandoc and update make rule for HACKING.pdf
Jim Carroll <> Jim Carroll <> f452d5409a5eb275ee4d5dd24e67461231dc425a f452d5409a5eb275ee4d5dd24e67461231dc425a ripd: Fix restriction on default RTE that's incompatible with CIDR
* ripd.c: (rip_response_process) A 0 address can still easily have a
  non-zero netmask.  E.g., 0/1 to complement 128/1.  These should be allowed
  through. See bug #903.

  Modify to check for malformed pseudo-default routes, where the netmask is
  0 but the address is non-0, and warn and drop such routes instead.
Paul Jakma <> Paul Jakma <> 5a0c1be698a044bc838f3e6c8b259fa52cf9981c 5a0c1be698a044bc838f3e6c8b259fa52cf9981c bgpd: Config state related to OPEN must now be copied to accept peer.
* bgp_network.c: (bgp_accept) OPEN is now sent on accept peer, due to
  "Send OPEN immediately on inbound connections", so configuration state
  that affects OPEN also has to be copied for.

  Fixes failure with Martin Winter / NetDEFs test cases, where bgpd was
  failing to advertise configured AFI/SAFIs.
Paul Jakma <> Paul Jakma <> d023f9ffae4b040335d12c1aa7409a9a15b7a3ac d023f9ffae4b040335d12c1aa7409a9a15b7a3ac bgpd: Rollback "always send OPEN" a little, to workaround test suite issues
* "bgpd: Send OPEN immediately on inbound connections" doesn't play well with
  some partial BGP implementations, test and conformance suites e.g., which
  have rigid expectations about ordering and don't implement much of CD.

  roll back, but only a little, by deferring OPEN sending on outbound till

* bgpd.h: (struct peer) add PEER_STATUS_OPEN_DEFERRED status flag.
  Kind of a sub-fsm.  Main FSM does not allow transition functions to
  signal next-state - next-state is inflexibly fixed in the table -
  so can't handle it cleanly at that level.
* bgp_fsm.c: (bgp_connect_success) Defer sending open if the peer is
  an accept-peer/inbound and there appears to be an outbound connection
  in progress. Set PEER_STATUS_OPEN_DEFERRED to signal to bgp_open_receive
  that an OPEN still must be sent.
* bgp_packet.c: (bgp_open_receive) Send the OPEN here, when deferred.