Quagga Patchwork Patch testing

Build: #387 was successful Rebuilt by Martin Winter


The following artifacts have been generated by the jobs in this plan.

Shared artifacts

You can share artifacts between jobs in different stages via artifact dependencies. Each time the artifact is shared with a subsequent job, it is copied to the job's agent.

Produced in job Artifact File size
Checkout Code Get Sourcecode SourceCode 2 MB
VersionInfo 629 bytes
ci001_ubuntu1404_amd64 build Building Stage Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 Packages 6 MB
ci002_ubuntu1204_amd64 build Building Stage Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64 Packages 8 MB
ci003_freebsd10_amd64 build Building Stage FreeBSD 10 x86_64 Package 1 MB
ci004_freebsd9_amd64 build Building Stage FreeBSD 9 x86_64 Package 1 MB
ci005_centos7_amd64 build Building Stage CentOS 7 x86_64 RPMs 8 MB
ci006_centos6_amd64 build Building Stage CentOS 6 x86_64 RPMs 8 MB
ci007_netbsd6_amd64 build Building Stage NetBSD 6 x86_64 Package 1 MB
ci008_debian8_amd64 build Building Stage Debian 8 (Jessie) x86_64 Packages 7 MB
ci012_netbsd7_amd64 build Building Stage NetBSD 7 x86_64 Package 1 MB
ci014_ubuntu1604_amd64 build Building Stage Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 Packages 6 MB
ci019_freebsd11_amd64 build Building Stage FreeBSD 11 x86_64 Package 1 MB
ci020_openbsd60_amd64 build Building Stage OpenBSD 6.0 x86_64 Package 2 MB
Static Analyzer (Clang) Basic Tests static_analysis 71 MB

Job artifacts

An artifact is something created by a job build (e.g. Jar files). Artifact definitions are used to specify which artifacts to keep from a build and are configured for individual jobs.

Produced in job Artifact File size
Static Analyzer (Clang) Basic Tests Static Analyzer Summary 286 bytes