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Philippe Guibert Philippe Guibert 03f6894794d0c030134dd31f199d4e70690979de 03f6894794d0c030134dd31f199d4e70690979de tools: fix covery issue related to tr_[tcp,ssh]_config initialisation
the structures tr_tcp_config and tr_ssh_config were not set to 0 at
startup, when init_sockets() call is done. handle this by initialising
those structures.

Signed-off-by: Philippe Guibert <philippe.guibert@6wind.com>
Philippe Guibert Philippe Guibert e563574c2ef1c0d3e54cd3750600368f1024286a e563574c2ef1c0d3e54cd3750600368f1024286a *: add two attributes to [tcp/ssh]_config structure
those two attributes will be further used to store an opaque pointer, as
well as a callback function. it will be up to the user of the API to use
those fields to provide a socket that will be used for rpki
transportation for communication with servers.

Signed-off-by: Philippe Guibert <philippe.guibert@6wind.com>
Philippe Guibert Philippe Guibert 967fe6f6d42a357b94d1f19959b48968104ccd24 967fe6f6d42a357b94d1f19959b48968104ccd24 rtrlib: ability to pass configured socket in tcp/ssh attribute
Thanks to previous commit, it becomes possible by the caller to add
an an optional opaque pointer, as well as a callback function that
will be in charge of providing a file descriptor that will be used to
create the tcp/ssh connection to the server. If the information is
provided, and if the socket returned is invalid (<=0), then a fallback
mechanism is done, that is to say that the socket is created by rtrlib

Signed-off-by: Philippe Guibert <philippe.guibert@6wind.com>