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Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> 1ce3e6a4b9f0bb140bdef3c59ad41b6ecfbac2bd 1ce3e6a4b9f0bb140bdef3c59ad41b6ecfbac2bd rtrlib/rtr/packets: remove byte order conversion in error pdu handler
Byte order conversion is handled elsewhere and the value is already in
host byte order.
Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> 8ce960e1085a5055585fd9a03fb30acfc1aeb9d6 8ce960e1085a5055585fd9a03fb30acfc1aeb9d6 rtrlib/rtr/packets: remove error pdu null termination check
The rfc does not demand the error msg in the error pdu to be null
terminated. We must not error out if it's not.

Also remove test that ensures rtr_pdu_check_size function returns an
error if the error msg is not null terminated.
Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> 5779122523ffd7f0b837a44eb16a31b177a0d6ec 5779122523ffd7f0b837a44eb16a31b177a0d6ec rtrlib/rtr/packets: print error pdu msg without copying it