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6c30a532c96bc24c2c9fb9be337d7bacf86628de 6c30a532c96bc24c2c9fb9be337d7bacf86628de
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6c30a532c96bc24c2c9fb9be337d7bacf86628de 6c30a532c96bc24c2c9fb9be337d7bacf86628de
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github_base_sha 6c30a532c96bc24c2c9fb9be337d7bacf86628de
github_pullreq 230
github_branch master
github_repo rtrlib/rtrlib
github_merge_sha fdc7af024a6648432d4198f5a4940fb21f467565


  1. Github Hook

    GitHub Merge Request 230
    for GitHub Repo rtrlib/rtrlib, branch master

    Request to merge from mroethke/rtrlib
    Merge Git Commit ID fdc7af024a6648432d4198f5a4940fb21f467565 on top of base Git Commit ID 6c30a532c96bc24c2c9fb9be337d7bacf86628de

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Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> 6c30a532c96bc24c2c9fb9be337d7bacf86628de 6c30a532c96bc24c2c9fb9be337d7bacf86628de travis: do not skip build steps if previous steps fail

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