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    GitHub Merge Request 239
    for GitHub Repo rtrlib/rtrlib, branch master

    Request to merge from smlng/rtrlib
    Merge Git Commit ID 8ecd9b067c1075047ce28ea1df1adea801638e24 on top of base Git Commit ID b3bfd84147c8b05e8c42d7d9679975831b70f99f

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Sebastian Meiling <s@mlng.net> Sebastian Meiling <s@mlng.net> b3bfd84147c8b05e8c42d7d9679975831b70f99f b3bfd84147c8b05e8c42d7d9679975831b70f99f tools: generate template.h in build folder
The template.h is generated when building the rtr tools.
The resulting file is now create in the build and not the
source directory. This avoids that template.h shows up in
`git status` and also that someone might commit the file
in to the repo by accident.

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