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    GitHub Merge Request 249
    for GitHub Repo rtrlib/rtrlib, branch master

    Request to merge from pguibert6WIND/rtrlib-1
    Merge Git Commit ID 75122ca40bb3ce8715117dbb1958e621a42f87a7 on top of base Git Commit ID 1b52b5ca92061970e2bacd72e76dc193449c28bd

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Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> 1b52b5ca92061970e2bacd72e76dc193449c28bd 1b52b5ca92061970e2bacd72e76dc193449c28bd add git blame ignore list
This adds a ignore list for git blame. It contains commits that
reformatted large portions of the code without adding any features or
fixing bugs. This aims to make git-blame more readable.

It can be used with git 2.23 or newer in the following way:
git blame --ignore-revs-file .git-blame-ignore $file

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