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4828e6c04905408a0cc6f1ca22fab634e3037124 4828e6c04905408a0cc6f1ca22fab634e3037124
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    GitHub Merge Request 252
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    Request to merge from pguibert6WIND/rtrlib-1
    Merge Git Commit ID cec5f93e6c63be397541cc72fa4b1d340d0725f7 on top of base Git Commit ID 4828e6c04905408a0cc6f1ca22fab634e3037124

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Philippe Guibert Philippe Guibert 4828e6c04905408a0cc6f1ca22fab634e3037124 4828e6c04905408a0cc6f1ca22fab634e3037124 *: fix warnings of compilation with gcc 5.4
some warnings are removed by adding some tiny modifications in the code.
third party files are omitted in the warnings fix.
also there is a warning in travis when braces are put around fgets(){}
call, whereas the warning had disappeared with gcc 5.4. decision is to
keep gcc warning for this case, so that travis does not warn.

Signed-off-by: Philippe Guibert <philippe.guibert@6wind.com>

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