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09b5c4923eb34b1b4b0d568788d98842d74135ce 09b5c4923eb34b1b4b0d568788d98842d74135ce
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09b5c4923eb34b1b4b0d568788d98842d74135ce 09b5c4923eb34b1b4b0d568788d98842d74135ce
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github_base_sha 09b5c4923eb34b1b4b0d568788d98842d74135ce
github_pullreq 252
github_branch master
github_repo rtrlib/rtrlib
github_merge_sha 75630e3cabcf240baa461740614473ce15314edf


  1. Github Hook

    GitHub Merge Request 252
    for GitHub Repo rtrlib/rtrlib, branch master

    Request to merge from pguibert6WIND/rtrlib-1
    Merge Git Commit ID 75630e3cabcf240baa461740614473ce15314edf on top of base Git Commit ID 09b5c4923eb34b1b4b0d568788d98842d74135ce

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Jakob Otto <42068901+jakobod@users.noreply.github.com> Jakob Otto <42068901+jakobod@users.noreply.github.com> 09b5c4923eb34b1b4b0d568788d98842d74135ce 09b5c4923eb34b1b4b0d568788d98842d74135ce Rename README to README.md (#253)
* Rename README to README.md

* Cleanup Formatting of README.md

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