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4a608734dfea1350c9af33eb0a420b8f837e9c31 4a608734dfea1350c9af33eb0a420b8f837e9c31
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4a608734dfea1350c9af33eb0a420b8f837e9c31 4a608734dfea1350c9af33eb0a420b8f837e9c31
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    GitHub Merge Request 257
    for GitHub Repo rtrlib/rtrlib, branch master

    Request to merge from mroethke/rtrlib
    Merge Git Commit ID ebe7a0572d4deb76d3fcf6ed016f7d54d6903457 on top of base Git Commit ID 4a608734dfea1350c9af33eb0a420b8f837e9c31

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Colin Sames Colin Sames 4a608734dfea1350c9af33eb0a420b8f837e9c31 4a608734dfea1350c9af33eb0a420b8f837e9c31 rtrlib/transport/tcp: add extended errno output
tr_tcp_open outputs the error with strerror instead of gai_strerror
in case an EAI_SYSTEM error code is received.

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