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Matthias Wählisch <waehlisch@ieee.org> Matthias Wählisch <waehlisch@ieee.org> 93724e4fb3c33c5b868f29eae7e7ac29274a2964 93724e4fb3c33c5b868f29eae7e7ac29274a2964 add badges to README.md and ref to CONTRIBUTING (#261)
* add badges to README.md

* add ref to CONTRIBUTING.md in README.md
Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> cc95e0c43a4beebce7161769cbeda585c039eb34 cc95e0c43a4beebce7161769cbeda585c039eb34 rtrlib/transport/{tcp,ssh}: fix tr_{tcp,ssh}_open blocking socket stop
Since the move from pthread_kill to pthread_cancel a rtr_socket could
not be stopped immediately if it was in the tr_open call.
cancelability could not be enabled for that function because it holds
local resources.
This enables cancalability locally for the only blocking call in
tr_tcp_open and tr_ssh_open respectively.
Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> a6175bb0947263d2d59f6f62e8de1af0b6c05a70 a6175bb0947263d2d59f6f62e8de1af0b6c05a70 rtrlib/transport: make connect timeout configurable
Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> f5cfe3176b3bad3c4f790c24b51c6978f20fee46 f5cfe3176b3bad3c4f790c24b51c6978f20fee46 tests: fix warning about discarded qualifier in live validation test
Colin Sames Colin Sames 4a608734dfea1350c9af33eb0a420b8f837e9c31 4a608734dfea1350c9af33eb0a420b8f837e9c31 rtrlib/transport/tcp: add extended errno output
tr_tcp_open outputs the error with strerror instead of gai_strerror
in case an EAI_SYSTEM error code is received.