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Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> Marcel Röthke <marcel.roethke@haw-hamburg.de> db2d254d75b835abb169f2f9e4a8cfbe74a3c365 db2d254d75b835abb169f2f9e4a8cfbe74a3c365 rtrlib/rtr: Ensure shadow tables are only freed when initialized (#204)
From the Bug report:
> If rtr_receive_pdu returns an error code, the execution flow is
> redirected to the cleanup label. If ->is_resetting is now true (e.g.,
> because it was set by a CACHE_RESPONSE PDU processed by
> rtr_handle_cache_response_pdu), pfx_table_free_without_notify and
> spki_table_free_without_notify are executing multiple operations on this
> uninitialized data.

This patch ensures the cleanup code can check whether the shadow tables
have been initialized and only frees them if they are.