RTRLIB-Pull-Request Testing

Build: #81 was successful Custom build by Github Hook with revision b99a0104dea71a4332ae2bad550b7ab98e44cf91


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Key Value
customRevision b99a0104dea71a4332ae2bad550b7ab98e44cf91
ManualBuildTriggerReason.customRevision b99a0104dea71a4332ae2bad550b7ab98e44cf91
ManualBuildTriggerReason.userName github
plan.storageTag plan-54725443


The following parameters have been manually overridden.

Name Value
github_base_sha ef8930d0a877dfa159b05e709486a518ece40272 Overridden
github_branch master Overridden
github_repo rtrlib/rtrlib Overridden