FRR PR 8144 with Libyang2 branch by Chopps

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92b8ed7d74c5a1d1fe8118c1712854e155a1b7f4 92b8ed7d74c5a1d1fe8118c1712854e155a1b7f4
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Christian Hopps <> Christian Hopps <> 92b8ed7d74c5a1d1fe8118c1712854e155a1b7f4 m 92b8ed7d74c5a1d1fe8118c1712854e155a1b7f4 libyang: Updates libyang2 from review
Signed-off-by: Christian Hopps <>
Christian Hopps <> Christian Hopps <> 1587f45aee38719f9858cfd29621699dbe5b8f2f m 1587f45aee38719f9858cfd29621699dbe5b8f2f libyang: adapt to version 2 of libyang
Compile with HEAD of `libyang2` branch of:

- Still includes debugging
- look for "XXX chopps" for questions and incomplete
- bulk of conversion work done in libfrr
  - ly2 diff/apply supports callbacks, perhaps this could be leveraged.
- LYS_IMPLICIT is gone, need to implement fix for filtering these
- lys_set_[en|dis]abled no longer present (ly2 says unneeded in compiled
- lys_schema_sort is gone

staticd init load time of 10k routes now 6s vs ly1 time of 150s

Signed-off-by: Christian Hopps <>
Patrick Ruddy <> Patrick Ruddy <> 5bb91468c55c17405d112ffe91ba01594583c2e6 m 5bb91468c55c17405d112ffe91ba01594583c2e6 Merge pull request #8003 from donaldsharp/timings
lib: Differentiate between real and cpu bound processes
Quentin Young Quentin Young 8a0a716f83c1eecafb8d3a3c7cbf0b153b8c4280 m 8a0a716f83c1eecafb8d3a3c7cbf0b153b8c4280 Merge pull request #8356 from LabNConsulting/working/lb/docker-ci-v2
Lou Berger Lou Berger d7026eff4cf5b9197f8479487b99ba3be8e50758 m d7026eff4cf5b9197f8479487b99ba3be8e50758 doc: add Ubuntu18.04 and 20.04 container info to building-docker.rst
Signed-off-by: Lou Berger <>


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