FRR Release 6.0.x Build
Tests: 438 passed
Duration: 129 minutes
Changes: Who: Quentin Young
Why: Merge pull request #3673 from opensourcerouting/60-bfd-24-hour
6.0: bfdd: Fix timer print-out function

Who: David Lamparter
Why: vtysh: fix pager compatibility handling
I just straight up forgot checking VTYSH_PAGER at startup, and the
"terminal paginate" command is only installed to VIEW_NODE so it can"t
be processed from vtysh.conf in CONFIG_NODE...

Signed-off-by: David Lamparter <>

Who: Quentin Young
Why: *: 6.0.3 release
* bgpd: Fix "show bgp ipv4/ipv6 neighbors" to show only v4 or v6 neighbors
* bgpd: Fix display issue when showing labeled-unicast routes
* bgpd: Fix incorrect # peers in "show bgp ipv6 summary" output
* bgpd: Fix issue with remote-private-as in combination with local-as
* bgpd: Fix memory error when prepending to AS-path
* bgpd: Improve error handling when using maximum-prefix
* ldpd: Fix startup permissions error on OpenBSD
* ldpd: add support for FreeBSD IP_BINDANY
* ospfd: Fix incorrect display of millisecond time values
* tools: Fix incorrect systemd dependencies causing failure to start on boot
* vtysh: Fix unnecessary reconnection under multi-instance OSPF
* watchfrr: Fix multi-instance support when using new init script
* zebra: Fix a display bug in "show ip route ... json"
* zebra: Fix compilation issue on OpenBSD
* zebra: Fix issue with missed selection of system-sourced routes
* zebra: Fix race condition in label manager
* zebra: Reliability improvements to pseudowire route recovery
* zebra: Tweak metric values for macvlan devices

Signed-off-by: Quentin Young <>

Who: Donald Sharp
Why: Merge pull request #3814 from opensourcerouting/6.0/doc-pager-theme
[6.0] doc: VTYSH_PAGER docs + new FRR theme

Who: Akhilesh Samineni <>
Why: bgpd: Incorrect number of peers count in "show bgp ipv6 summary" output
Fix : Now the peers count displays the number of neighbors activated per afi/safi.

Signed-off-by: Akhilesh Samineni <>

Manual run by Martin Winter