TopoTest PullReq
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Duration: 47 minutes
Changes: Who: Rafael Zalamena <>
Why: Merge pull request #145 from donaldsharp/staticd_warning
Add a tiny breadcrumb to hopefully help end user

Who: Mark Stapp <>
Why: zebra: dataplane provider enhancements
Limit the number of updates processed from the incoming queue;
add more stats. Fill out apis for dataplane providers; convert
route update processing to provider model; move dataplane
status enum

Signed-off-by: Mark Stapp <>

Who: F. Aragon <>
Why: bgpd: null check (Coverity 1475469)
Null check of "rn" returned by bgp_node_lookup() because it could be
deferenced afterwards into bgp_nexthop_get_node_info()

Signed-off-by: F. Aragon <>

Who: F. Aragon <>
Why: isisd lib ospfd pbrd python: fix empty init
ISO C forbids empty initializer braces. Empty initializers have been
replaced with {0}

Signed-off-by: F. Aragon <>

Who: Russ White <>
Why: Merge pull request #3339 from opensourcerouting/bugfix/isis-flooding-issues
isis: Fix flooding issues

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