Tests: Testless build
Duration: 15 minutes
Changes: Who: Duncan Eastoe <>
Why: zebra: reduce atomic ops in fpm_nl_process()
Maintain the peak ctxqueue length in a local variable, and perform
a single atomic update after processing all contexts.

Generally this results in at least one less atomic operation per

Signed-off-by: Duncan Eastoe <>

Who: Donald Sharp <>
Why: pathd: Fix unlock of non-locked mutex
We have several instances of a non-locked mutex being unlocked
in path_zebra_router_id_update.  Clean this up.

Signed-off-by: Donald Sharp <>

Who: kuldeepkash <>
Why: tests: [topojson]Enhance lib/ to support PIM automation
1. Enhanced lib/ for common configuration/verification needed
   for PIM automation
2. Ran it through (black) for expected formatting

Signed-off-by: kuldeepkash <>

Who: Russ White <>
Why: Merge pull request #7736 from ton31337/fix/s_addr_INADDR_ANY
*: Replace s_addr check agains 0 with INADDR_ANY

Who: Anuradha Karuppiah <>
Why: zebra: accept bgp remote mac-ip update if the higher-seq-local mac is not bgp-ready
If a local-MAC or local-neigh is not active locally it is not sent to BGP.
At this point if BGP rxes a remote route it accepts it and installs in
zebra. Zebra was rejecting BGP"s update if it had a higher seq local (inactive)
entry. This would result in bgp and zebra falling out of sync.

In some cases zebra would delete the local-inactive entries in sometime (as
a part of the dplane/kernel garbage collection). This would leave zebra
with missing remote entries (which were still present in bgpd).

This change allows lower-seq BGP updates to overwrite zebra"s local entry if
that entry happens to be local-inactive.

Note: This logic was already in use for sync-mac-ip updates. Extended the
same logic to remote-mac-ip updates.

Ticket: CM-31626

Signed-off-by: Anuradha Karuppiah <>

Manual run by Martin Winter
Tests: Testless build
Duration: 18 minutes
Changes: Who: Donald Sharp
Why: Merge pull request #7430 from opensourcerouting/rpm-subpkgs-75
[7.5] RPM Subpackages for RPKI and SNMP
First build for this plan